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Oh how we laughed and laughed
Except I wasn’t laughing
Under the circumstances
I’ve been shockingly nice


forgot to post this when it came out, my favorite of the two Robocop #1 covers. this one’s the alternate.


RoboCop Versus The Terminator - Interplay; SNES, 1993.


Is this the world’s newest type of cloud?

One man’s quest to find scientific recognition for the menacing undulatus asperatus

"If I’m not mistaken I think it was Suzaku who said that the shape of happiness might resemble glass. His reasoning made sense. He said that even though you don’t usually notice it, it is still definitely there, you merely need to change your point of view slightly, and that glass will sparkle whenever it reflects the light. I doubt that anything else can argue its own existence more eloquently."